Friday, 8 February 2008

Jeff Mowatt - Sock puppet Master

Having been caught out in a self promotion scam falsely claiming Ukrainian Orphanages as being "Death Camps for Children" and Ukrainian authorities engaged in a deliberate act of genocide and mass murder has now set his sights on stalking his victims family friends and contacts.

A basic search on the Internet provides a criss cross trails of lies and deceit.

Mr Mowat claims that he and Mr Terry Hallman are Directors of a successful International Economic Development company operating in Ukraine. When challenged ad asked to provide information about about their company and the claims of successes he and his associates responded by abusing those that dare question or request that they provide independent referees to back up their claims.

Investigation has revealed that Jeff Mowatt first visited Ukraine some five years ago looking for wife during which time he met Mr Terry Hallman, a self proclaimed Civil rights activist who was expelled from Russia for visa violations and later denied entry into the United Kingdom.


Mr Mowatt first visited Ukraine in order to find himself a wife who can help him look after his aging parents. Having found a willing participant Mr Mowatt arranged for his Ukrainian mail order bride to move to England where she soon found things not to be to her liking. Having missed her period and concerned that she might be pregnant " If she was not prepared to have his baby she obviously did not love him" Mr Mowatt told her to pack up her bags and those of her two children that he invited to the UK and sent them back to Ukraine - less then two weeks into her new life in Britain . A storey that tells you just how vulnerable Ukrainian women are to abuse.

The Hallman adventure

Mr Mowatt teamed up with Mr Hallman and cooked up a scheme of self-promotion to try and set up a WiMax Internet service provider network in Ukraine. In order to secure funding for this scheme they would pump the Internet making a name for themselves and apply of US Aid grant funding on the basis that a percentage of profits from the Internet enterprise would help fund Ukrainian Orphanages.

Profit from Poverty.

The new enterprise would effectively operate as a charity but without being set up as a charity and as such avoiding the strict international guidelines that apply to charities. Finances from the private company were to be kept off shore away from the Ukrainian Authorities. Mr Hallman registered his company People-Centered Economic Development In the UK (Only later to have the company deregistered in 2005 following the British Governments refusal to admit Mr Hallman in to UK as he was considered an illegal migrant). Within one month following the deregistration of Mr Hallmans company Mr Mowatt re-register the company under a sightly different name to Mr Hallman's company but registered at the same address.

Both My Hallman and Mr Mowatt hit the Internet chat forums giving the impression that the two associates where acting independent of each other. One would fire of a question and the other would respond providing links back to their own business portal. A portal notable more for what is missing then its content.

Mr Hallman speciously claim that he was a successful director and founder of an International Economic Development company operating in Ukraine and Mr Mowatt would then proceed to fire off question to which Mr Hallman would reply. What was unknown to most participants in the various forums including the BBC Action report was that both Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt were business associates and that what appeared to be independent chats were in fact part of a campaign of self promotion.

"Death Camps for Children"

In what is considered to be one of the irresponsible and reckless actions ever Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt referred to Ukrainian Orphanages as being Death Campos for Children and the claimed that Ukrainian authorities were deliberately engaged in a policy of mass murder and genocide of unwanted children.

Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt claimed that they had proof and evidence to back up their unfounded and unsupported allegations.

Both Mr Hellman and Mr Mowatt would search the Internet for various reports and documentation on human rights and welfare organizations and then use this information as a basis for discussion on the Internet, giving the impression that they were closely associated with the authoring organisations. Organizations such as Every Child. They claimed that they were operating as a NGO Human Rights organisation working in the Ukraine. No records or registration of their company operating as a International agency exists in Ukraine. has no association or involvement with their company.

When challenged and questioned over the various claims made and asked to provide names, addresses and independent referees to verify their claims and extent of their involvement in Ukraine Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman responded by attacking, abusing and threatening those raised questions about their allegations. any due diligence investigation or review would have come up with the same questions. Questions that Mr Hellman and Mr Mowatt has still not answered.

The abuse and retaliation against those that have raised concerns has gone as far as Mr Mowatt engaging in a two year campaign of stalking his victims and critics.

People Centered Economic Development Company (PCED) Due diligence investigation

The first person to question Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's allegations and claims of successful company in operating in Ukraine was Alex from proHumana German based child welfare agency that had been operating in Ukraine. Prehuman preliminary investigation of Mr Hallman's company lead to proHuman to seriously question the validity of Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt activities.

Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman were only latter discovered to be actively engaged in a self promotion campaign. Pro Human noticed that when reviewing the various links provided by Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt that all the information that was available pointed to articles that Mr Hallman and his associates (including Mr Mowatt) had themselves published. Not one of the claimed successful projects could be independently verified as to the exact nature of Mr Hallman involvement. review of what was published showed a string of failed projects both in Russia and in Ukraine.

Further review of the company indicated that US Aid had no knowledge of either Mr Hallman or his company and that neither he or his company were registered with UA Aid as an associated grant recipient. This was in spite the fact that Mr Hallman ad Mr Mowatt had claimed that they were in-fact associated and supported by US Aid.

Similar inconsistencies in the P-CED story and Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's success begin to unfold.

Mr Hallman has claimed he was a pioneer of microfinancing and that he had the support and backing of former US President Bill Clinton. The microfinancing proposal that Mr Hallman claimed he was a pioneer of is very much in line with microfinancing projects that were pioneered in India and the subject of a Nobel prise being awarded in 2006. There is no mention of Mr Hallman having ever been a successful director of an economic development company or his association with Bill Clinton. Nor is there any published reference that Mr Hllman was i fact a pioneer of microfinancing other then in what is in his own press statements.

Further review of Mr Hallman company showed that Mr Hallman has no asserts, no registered address or office. His company which he claims is registered in Ukraine does not appear on the Ukrainian Taxation register of foreign companies. Mr Hallman does not have authority to work in Ukraine and is not a registered international NGO.

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