Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Jeff Mowatt's doddgy business plan and ongoing attempts to stalk his detractors and critics

In reply to Mr Jeff Mowatt various posts designed to draw attention to his doddgy business plan whilst stalking his detractors and critics.

In reviewing various web sites it appears that Mr Mowatt's is continuing to pump the interent in order to promote his business and personal vendetta against his detractors and critics. two years o Mr Mowaat is still seeking revenge. (Hell all he needs to do is come clean and be honest. porvide details ad idependent referess about his claimed busiess success, why they doi not comply with ukraiain Coprate law i maitai8ig a valid registerd business address, the full extet of their ivestment ad liabilities in Ukraine about why there business is not showing up on Ukraie's taxation records).

Mr Mowatt and his business associate Mr Terry Hallman was subject to a due diligence review of their business activities in Ukraine. Both Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman presented themselves as being directors of a successful International Economic Development Company operating out of Ukraine. Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman have been working in Ukraine since 2002. On review it was found that their company, People Centred Economic Development, had no assets, no registered offices in Ukraine and no verifiable business success (Which is required under Ukrainian Corporate law) or independent verifiable referees. Mr Hallman registered company in the UK was deregistered in 2005 following the UK governments refusal to admit Mr Hallman (A US Citizen) into the country. All comments and referrals available on the internet pointed back to published information on their own web site.

Mr Hallman is a self appointed vigilante Civil Rights/political activist residing in Ukraine.

Resless and unsupported allegations that Ukraie is engaged i teh murder and geoice of uwanted children (Wto years no evidence produced to substacite Mr Mowatt' cheap self seeking promotion campian)

What's more Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman made specious and unfounded allegation and assertions that the Ukrainian Authorities have been engaged in a deliberate policy of genocide and mass murder of unwanted children in Ukraine, referring to Ukrainian Orphanages as being "Death camps for Children" When asked to provide evidence to substantiate their allegations, which they claimed they had in their possession and said they would produce, they failed to do so.

The allegations made by Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman were reckless and irresponsible to say the least. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's sensational allegations of Death Camps for children have not been supported by one accredited international welfare agency.

Further Investigation has indicated that Mr Mowatt and Mr Hallman were engaged in self-promotion, pumping the internet, in order to promote their dubious "economic development" scheme which would have seen limited pubic and private resources funnelled into establishing a WiMAx Internet service provider costing 1.5 billion dollars which they claimed would generate millions of dollars of profit which would then be used in part to fund Ukrainian Orphanages. Effectively operating as a NGO, defacto charity, whilst seeking to avoid the regulations and laws that normally govern charitable organisations.

Part of the due diligence review involved contacting US Aid that Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt claimed supported their business activities. US Aid responded to our inquiries in a letter indicating that they had no knowledge of Mr Hallman. Mr Mowatt or their company, People Centred Economic Development (PCED).

Not one of the claimed success published on their Internet site could be independently verified.

Mr Mowatt was asked on more the one occasion to respond and provide further information in relation to his company activities, information that should be readily available as a registered foreign corporation operating in Ukraine. Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt declined to provide a meaningful response, instead Mr Mowatt has embarked on a campaign of harassment and stalking of his critics ande their associates).

Independent reviews of Mr Hallman and Mr Mowatt's claims of business success and activities in Ukraine have come to the same conclusion as those published on the Internet (

Requests made to the publisher of this online newsletter to date have failed to prevent Mr Mowatt from using this newsletter as a means of pursuing his vendetta and vilification of his critics.

More information can be found at the above mentioned web site.

Yours faithfully

P-CED review