Monday, 6 April 2009

Jeff Mowatts "spruiking the Internet" gets Googled

Jeff Mowatt tries to claim victim status and gets googled.

Probelm is his claims and statements do not scrub up to the slightest of scrutiny and continue to highlights his own short comings of his associate Terry Hallman as they continue to spruik their Ukrainian Orphanages as "Death Camps for Children" scam

Jeff fails to mention that they are not supported by one accredited International Welfare Agency or any accredited organsiation working in Ukraine. His own company that he promotes does not scub up to scrubnity or review as on user rightly responded to his recent PR stunt.


05 Apr 09, 8:33pm (about 2 hours ago)

Very interesting to see that my comment of this morning has been removed. So let me come straight to the point.

Here is a Google hosted smear blog directed at us, for having the temerity to document corrutpion and neglect in oephanages

And here is what those who would silence us, don't want anyone to believe.

Interesting. But I've just spent 10 minutes Googling you, this Hallman character and People-Centered Economic Development, and I still can't work out whether you're an angel or a devil, as I got lost in a sea of bullshit. You should write less; a lot less. Maybe maintain a single website rather than spreading your message - whatever it is - across 10,000 different blogs?

As the latter strategy just makes you look well fucking dodgy.

I'm sure you're not though.


05 Apr 09, 11:02pm